Trying to do things.

Back to my roots

This week I decided to abandon KDE and be back to the ease of windows managers. Now I’m running this combination:

  • Openbox:  A light window manager. I used to have  fluxbox in my college times. The problem I had now with fluxbox its the taskbar + multiscreen. I only have one big taskbar shared between screens, and I don’t like it. So I tried openbox which doesnt have any taskbar.
  • Tint2: I want to have a taskbar. Openbox doesnt have it. So I search for a solution. I found tint2 and I love it. It’s really easy to configure, its light, and works perfectly with multiscreen.
  • Urxvt: If my plan was leave kde, I have to leave konsole. I have tried a lot of term emulators in my life (aterm, wterm, eterm, xterm, ….). This time I plan to use an old friend, urxvt. This has a lot of features, but I only need a few things. I want to have unicode, I want to have a term without menubar, to have the scrollbar on the right side, good looking fonts and also a way to launch another program when I launch the term. Urxvt have it all, and its really light term.
  • Xscreensaver: I need something to lock my session. KDE has this feature built-in. So I used one simple old solution. Xscreensaver, nothing more to say about it

This its still a work in progress. I have some things that I have no replacement. For example, I want to have a launcher like kde one, gmrun could be a solution, and I’m using it right now, but I’m looking for a lighter solution. Other work in progress, it’s a replacement to kaffeine, I know I can use vlc, or mplayer, but I love the way I can see the channels I have, and how to change between channels in kaffeine.