This week I’ve been in jssummit. Is the second conference, the first one was csssummit, that I go from the people of enviromentsforhumans.  The great think about this kind of conferences its that are online, it’s expensive but the talks are really great, I’ll try to repeat the next year.

And what happens with my experiments? Well, I have more ideas, more things to try,  less time. One of the things that make me stop with my actuals experiments where the discover of Sharejs.

Sharejs is an Operational Transform library, It let you share your documents online between navigators. In my work, the developers guys did something similar with a faye server, but this new approach seems really interesting. Integrates the synchronization mecanism into a node server.  Joseph Gentle, the guy that program this library, said that its not madure enought to put in production, but still I wan’t to try something.

One of the new ideas is WAY (Where Are You?). The idea its to have a map, google maps actually but I pretend to exchange with openlayers, where you been positionated using geolocation api and the other people that came to the web are also geolocalizated. And show a lines between points with the distances. It’s only a toy but It could be a great prototype for a real product.

I’m still trying to understand the library, so the experiments are still in beginning stages so nothing to show yet.

In my other line of experiments, I have found another interesting library, Interact.js. Look at SVG examples, could be a fast way to obtain the cable functionality I wan’t to rack.