Is a really simple thing, but for me, and for this crazy experiment, is a big push.

Now, if you push con add wire button, you will get a random color dinamically generated wire in the svg that you can move and fadein/fadeout like others.

Talking about fadein/fadeout, something really ugly it’s happening with this effect, probably because its only mouseover when you’re over the svg path, so it’s really easy to loose the focus. I’ll try to work on it.

Finally, my next steps:

  • Add a color picker.
  • Choose a way to define the curve, not only the initial/final points.
  • Experiment with ‘use’ to add the switches/servers/elements/whatever to the graph.
  • Server side (to store, load, give a name, users and so on).
  • If I reach this point, I’ll make a party! I’ll have a lot of work to do yet but …. will be the first alpha release to what I have in my mind.